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Roboforex Review

The brand consists of three legal entities: RoboForex (CY) Ltd, RoboForex Ltd and RoboForex LP, which differ in the ways of solving legal regulation issues when concluding cooperation agreements with customers. All of them are licensed, and have the legal right, based on licenses issued by state regulators, to provide services to enter the Forex market for traders in Russia, the CIS and the EU.

We, first, will be interested in the company RoboForex (CY) Ltd, whose website is available at https://www.roboforex.ru/, a company RoboForex Ltd (https://www.robofx.ru/) will be more interesting to customers from the EU. Why this is so – you will understand by reading the RoboForex review to the end.

The review of RoboForex broker offered to your attention will be of interest first of all to those who are in search of a suitable company to start (or continue) their trading activities on stock exchanges. RoboForex company has been providing its services in the financial market since 2009. At the moment it is one of the best Forex brokers in the CIS countries.

In this company a good popularity among traders and investors due to favorable terms of cooperation, various trading offers adapted for different categories of customers, as well as high-quality technical support. Special you need to focus fact that the broker actively implements its activities in the field of providing the necessary conditions for trading advisors. This includes the classic MT4 terminal, which, as before, remains the undisputed leader among individual traders.

Top Takeaways for 2019

Sharing opinions and true information helps traders in their daily work. Independent rating of the best Forex brokers for 2019 is formed by our visitors and contains only verified information. We have collected market Analytics, background data, reviews, trading strategies, government regulators and news brokers. All of this is outlined below:


  • Forex4you
  • Roboforex
  • AMarket
  • NordFx


roboforex broker review

The rating of Forex brokers is based on the following fundamental characteristics:


  • How long has the company been on the market
  • Trading conditions (swaps, spreads, slippage)
  • Availability of trading pairs and financial instruments
  • The presence of regulators
  • Availability of a wide pool of liquidity providers
  • Feedback and number of customers.


As you can see, at the end of 2019, Roboforex is in the second list of the rating, which adds to its credibility.

Is Roboforex Safe?

Roboforex company is among the top three Forex brokers according to a variety of customer reviews. And is the activity of this broker regulated? Is it safe to keep your money here? What regulatory licenses does Roboforex broker have?

We will try to find answers to these questions in this article.

IFSC license

First we will find information about the regulation on the broker’s website (roboforex.com). Go to the section «About us» ⇒ «Regulation». Here we see that Roboforex is licensed by IFSC Belize (International Financial Services Commission Belize, or Belize international financial services Commission).

IFSC license number/60/271/TS

At the bottom there is a link to the regulator’s website (ifsc.gov.bz), we pass on it. In the search box, enter Roboforex, then open the found link. At number 26 we see Roboforex company:

Information about Roboforex on IFSC Belize website

Thus, this broker has offshore regulation.


As you can see, Roboforex is licensed by IFSC Belize and is a member of the Financial Commission and its Compensation Fund. Despite the offshore registration and regulation, the broker looks quite reliable in terms of safety of funds.

Trading Conditions

At the disposal of traders who decide to try trading exchange assets are the following assets to choose from:


  • us stocks;
  • shares of German companies;
  • the shares of companies of Switzerland;
  • the shares of UK companies;
  • indexes;
  • ETFs (exchange-traded funds);
  • cryptocurrency.


Unlike many similar companies, access to the stock market in RoboForex is possible with an attractive amount — $100. At the same time, the maximum leverage can be used in the amount of 1: 20. The Commission is present, but in a relatively small amount — $0.015 per share. In order to compare the advantages and disadvantages of working with exchange-traded assets on the R Trader account in RoboForex company, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on the trading conditions of this type of account.


  • Account currency-USD, EUR
  • The minimum Deposit is $100
  • Minimum Commission of$1.5
  • Spread – from $0.01
  • The maximum trading leverage during the trading session is 1: 200
  • The maximum leverage outside the trading session period is 1: 4
  • The minimum transaction volume is 1 share
  • The maximum transaction volume is 2,000 share
  • Stop Out Level-20%
  • The function of Swap-free available.


For beginners who do not have experience in stock trading, as well as for those who have not yet decided to try the work on the account type R Trader, RoboForex company has prepared a special training video course. While viewing the course «students» will be able to understand the intricacies of working with stock assets know is it profitable to use in their work with shares of large companies, the strategy of «Buy and hold» and to delve into the process of earning on the stock market along with the broker RoboForex.

Types of Options

But RoboForex is not the only well-known dealing center providing services in this area. The opportunity to trade binary options and broker Alpari. At the disposal of investors 6 types of options — short term options 60 seconds option One Touch (one touch), trade within a specified range, the choice of expiry time etc sufficient, it remains only to determine the type of option which is most convenient to operate and which corresponds the best strategy.

And if you use in your trading and analysis analytical reviews offered by both Roboforex and Alpari, the prediction of the price movement of the selected trading instrument allows you to more likely and accurately determine the type of option that is worth buying. The minimum investment in the transaction when trading options in Alpari is $5, which is available to the vast majority of investors.

Demo trading options, without registration allows anyone to get acquainted with this type of earnings, varieties of options and their features, and of course, to test their strength.

RoboForex and Alpari are among the best companies in their segment. Now, in addition to high service in the field of classical trading, they offer their clients excellent conditions for earning on binary options. And this is more profit in less time, especially if you are already a successful trader, familiar with the market and know how to predict its behavior.

Trading Platforms

Roboforex Trading Platforms
Roboforex Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MultiTerminal, cTrader, cTrader Web, Android Trader (MT4/5), iPhone/iPad Trader (MT4/5), cTrader Mobile, R Trader.

Demo Account

A demo account is, in simple words, a virtual trading account for working in the financial markets, opened by a trader through registration on the broker’s website. The demo account is completely similar to a real trading Deposit and is designed for training trading before opening a real account.

The difference between a demo account and a real trading Deposit is only one-the ability to perform trading transactions without investing personal money, using «virtual currency» for any amount. Of course, the losses and profits on the demo account are also «virtual» and do not affect the welfare of the trader.

Account types

Clients of roboforex Forex broker have a choice of 7 types of accounts:


  • Standard
  • ECN
  • Prime
  • Cent
  • Affiliate
  • Demo
  • R Trader.


Standard accounts are of 2 types: Fix and Pro-Standart.

roboforex accounts
Roboforex account types


The company has economic indicators, as well as the degree of their impact on changes in exchange rates. If you study and understand these figures, you can easily analyze and make a forecast for price fluctuations.


  • Interest rate.
  • GDP
  • The price index of the user.
  • Indicator of production prices.
  • Balance of payments.
  • Trade balance.
  • Budget deficit.
  • Unemployment rate.
  • Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP).
  • Retail sale.
  • Own profit.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Business activity indicator Association of managers in Chicago.
  • The indicator of consumer confidence.


How to Trade on Roboforex

So, to become A roboforex trader, you need to: Get a trading account by making a Deposit into it. Choose an offer, in other words, to give a command to the broker to conclude a deal. The broker can immediately satisfy the client’s request if Roboforex has such an opportunity. If this is not possible, the broker requests such a transaction from the so-called liquidity provider, which performs a trading operation at current inter bank prices and all this happens automatically.

Get the opportunity to open or close a trade at the best price by paying the spread to the broker. As for the client CopyFX review, there are two options for earnings on this resource. One is trading on Commission. In this case, the client receives a fixed Commission at the end of the day for each profitable transaction copied by investors. This is when a fleeting intraday trade is conducted. The second option is trading on profits. Such a scheme of earnings provides for the receipt of interest on the total profit of subscribed investors during the period of the offer. This type of earnings is typical for traders who prefer both medium-term and long-term trading.

Additional Features

Roboforex broker pays a lot of attention to detailed analytical information for traders. The official website contains detailed forecasts of leading experts, supported for clarity by video materials. This detailed presentation makes it easier for clients to understand expert assessments. Many users also note the usefulness of wave analysis of currency pairs, regularly published on the resource, as it is often used by them in the process of trading.

In General, the service Provided by roboforex to traders is characterized by a comprehensive approach and a high level of quality. Technical support, for example, works around the clock 7 days a week. Managers, according to user reviews, are attentive to the problems of traders, do everything possible to solve them and in most cases take the side of the client. Understanding with them is easy to find in any sense, and in the language including, because they communicate in eight languages, among which there is Russian.

Mobile Integration

This service will become an indispensable assistant in those cases when You are away from your workplace — a personal computer or laptop.

Now You do not have to worry if you go on vacation, on a business trip or just went on business for a few hours, because you do not lose control of your accounts. You can always control them using any mobile device with Internet access! You just need to remember this address: http://m.roboforex.ru

«Mobile Forex» is available around the clock on any day of the week in 24×7 mode and consists of three services:


  • Mobile version of the site
  • Mobile version of the Personal account
  • «Mobile trading» alpha version is compatible with iPhone OS Android OS Windows Mobile OS Symbian OS.


Roboforex app

Please note that for «Mobile trading» you do not need to install a special program or additional application, it is enough to have a Mobile device with Internet access and a trading account in RoboForex!

For the period of alpha testing «Mobile trading» is available only for trading on demo accounts in the mobile version of «Personal account» http://m.roboforex.ru. you can open and close orders for all trading instruments.

Payment Methods

RoboForex Ltd and RoboMarkets Ltd offer their clients the best payment solutions for fast and reliable money transfers. Below are the most popular among customers payment systems and ways to Deposit/withdraw funds, among which you can find the most convenient and profitable for you.

A comparative table of Deposit and withdrawal conditions can be found on the websites of RoboForex Ltd and RoboMarkets Ltd.


Roboforex offers its traders a very generous bonus program compared to its competitors.

So let’s see what kind of bonuses RoboForex promises us.

The entire loyalty program of the broker is divided into 3 parts:


  • Directly bonuses
  • Services
  • Financial shares.


By creating a trading account on Roboforex, every trader can become a happy owner of a starting bonus of $30. To do this, you only need to open an account and pass verification by entering your phone number. The conditions for withdrawal of the bonus are easily doable.

There are also the following bonuses:


  • The Bonus Tradable Protection
  • Classic Bonus 115%
  • Cashback / Rebates
  • Up to 10% on account balance
  • Leverage 1: 1000
  • no deposit bonus.


Customer support

If you could not understand something, made a mistake and require re-verification, you can contact technical support. Staff respond around the clock in online chat and on the phone. They will also understand if there are difficulties in depositing or withdrawing funds from the account.

In General, registration, verification and other actions at the initial stage should not cause great difficulties. Especially if you decide to use this instruction with a step-by-step description of all the actions that need to be performed

Pros and Cons

The main advantages include the following:


  • No restrictions on the minimum investment.
  • Open a trading account.
  • Lucrative bonuses and loyalty programs.
  • Plenty of trading platforms for all devices.
  • Floating spreads from 0 pips.
  • Leverage up to 1: 1000.
  • Instant order execution
  • Excellent training for beginners.
  • Personal Manager when opening an account.


As with any organization providing such a range of services, there are some disadvantages, in the form Of:


  • no offices in the CIS countries
  • A relatively small the presence of many tools for trading.



Roboforex company is certainly a worthy broker. Which is contest for second place in the top best traders of 2019. High quality of ECN accounts, interesting offers for investors, regulation of CySEC, which provides insurance of clients ‘ funds, numerous positive feedback from real traders, welcome bonus 30 USD and 115% for each Deposit replenishment will allow you to start trading in this company as efficiently as possible. Yes, there are some disadvantages in this company, such as Instant Execution accounts. But nobody forces to get money on them.

In fact, all that interests traders in this company are ECN accounts, which provide trading advisors with the best trading conditions + free VPS, which allows you to trade around the clock without fear of disconnection from the Internet. Are you afraid of the Commission of 20 USD for 1 lot? Then choose the ECN-Fix account type with a fixed spread of 1.7 points, where there is no Commission at all!