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Pepperstone Broker Review

Pepperstone broker is a reliable Forex company that offers decent amount of tradable opportunities and CDFs. This company was founded in 2010 and now it became one of the best in trading sphere. The main advantage of this company is wide selection of 3rd party platforms. Any customer can choose from various options for making money. This Pepperstone review will help you to find out more about this broker. We are introducing one of the best organization.

The main regulator of this broker is ASIC – a well-known organization from Australia. Annual money turnover usually reaches 11 billion US dollars. Nearly 70000 traders had already chosen this broker.

Top Takeaways for 2019

Why should you register on this site? Pepperstone forex broker review will tell you everything you want to know. Let’s take a look on some advantages over other variants:


  • All operations are subjected to strict verification from best regulators – that is why so many clients trust this broker;
  • Any trader can choose from stable platforms – cTrader, Metatrader and other unique alternatives;
  • Also anyone would be able to exploit social trading platforms.


Small selection of tradable products is compensated by competitive pricing. Pepperstone clients and partners are able to use 4 account types. Let’s proceed with the review.

Is Pepperstone Safe?

The broker has been evaluated as average-risk platform but the trust score is 83 out of 99. It is currently regulated by 2 TOP Tier regulators: ASIC and UK based organization FCA. Only two points separate this company from being a low-risk organization (85-99). Most professional clients do not hesitate to open an account and fund. Though there is no agency that is immune to troubles, this one is one of the best when it comes to safe trading.

Trading conditions

The broker monitors all exposures and hedge internally by exploiting external providers. It allows enhancing executions speed and all orders are matched internally. The level of slippage is extremely low despite of the great demand.

There is a stop-out policy created to protect negative balances. The exact level needed to active this technology depends on the circumstances. While using stop loss or take profit strategy the price could change due to the fast moving market. But such instances are rare.

Types of options

The company is able to provide trading opportunities on more than 150 markets. 62 currencies and pairs are available, including various indices, futures, commodities, Pepperstone binary options and even cryptocurrency.

Clients are very happy to use instruments and trading options. You will be able to start on:


  • Clients are very happy to use instruments and trading options. You will be able to start on:
  • CFD. Choose Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, Netflix and shares from other corporations.
  • Index CFD. More than 10 indexes are available for all traders.
  • Cash contracts. Various spot and commodity futures.
  • Cryptocurrencies. CFD for digital currencies.


The commission level and other parameters depend on the circumstances.

Trading platforms

Account holder will be able to exploit two alternatives: Meta Trader 4 and cTrader. The first variant could be installed on Windows, Mac OS and WebTrader. Use your any device to access your account. The second variant is compatible with cAlgo or mobile.

Meta Trader 4 is the most popular platform because of intuitive interface and special features like special software for making better order decisions. But cTrader has developed infrastructure and has stable connection without bugs.

Pepperstone Platforms

Demo account

Any client is able to create Pepperstone demo account and use MT4 soft. Th You can sign up without any funds and use all functions to test the platform before funding with real money. Virtual trading opportunity is ideal for novices or professionals who wish to test the possibilities of the site and platforms. It is advisable for all who is starting trading career to create demo account. Pepperstone MT4 demo account is absolutely free and virtual funds are limitless. Then you can think about making real Pepperstone account.

Account types

This company provides four main Pepperstone basic account types: standard, razor, swap-free and Active Traders. Pepperstone minimum entry deposit on standard account is 200$. Pepperstone razor account will have 3.5 dollar commission and nice spread – consider reading a review before creating. If you are looking for interest free alternative choose swap-free type with 0 commission – this account has been created for clients who can’t receive or give swaps. Edge variant is ideal for professional traders. You will acquire special points and get personal manager. Micro Pepperstone account and IB Commission accounts are also available.


Indicators are created to inform account holders about prices and trends. They function automatically – these instruments are very useful for novices and professionals. They are displayed on charts as lines.

Meta Trader 4 Platform provides a client with 85 indicators. There is also Meta Trader 5 with 38 indicators – most clients are inclined to download Pepperstone MT5. cTrader platform has more than 50 indicators and other editing tools. Professional traders always pay attention to those informers to get better orders.

How to trade on Pepperstone

The trading process is very simple. All you have to do is to choose a platform and download Pepperstone MT5 or MT4 on your computer or mobile device. Also you will have to fund your account or choose a demonstration version to test the possibilities of the platform.

Open you currency pair and make an order to start. Wait until the price will change and make you first money. It is very advisable to start with small amounts of money. Contact customer support if you have any questions.

Additional features

This broker provides clients with additional products and tools for Pepperstone forex trading. Take a look at some examples:


  • AutoChartist. This software will change Metatrader by adding scanners, filters, risk management tools and some indicators.
  • Smart Trader Tools. Such advisors will help traders with any amount of experience.
  • API Trading. There is an automated system which will help to see the market at any angle.
  • Multiterminal soft. Will allow creating orders for multiple accounts.


These tools are ideal for novices.

Mobile integration

The easiest way to start working is to enter any browser and or use mobile device to activate Meta Trader or cTrader. All you have to do is to download application for Android or iOS. Please check if your phone if it meets the requirements.

This program will function as regular trading platform for PC. Pepperstone cTrader downloadable app has lots of useful functions including e-mail alert configuration and support more than 20 languages. These applications allow making orders in café or other places with internet connection.


Education section is ideal for novices and professionals. You will find there useful articles and FAQ. Check out informative Trading Guides and join webinars. This section will tell you how does Forex work and teach all account holders basics about fundamental or technical analysis.

Learn more about trend lines, technical indicators and Pepperstone Metatrader 5. The main goal of this broker is to make sure that novices will not lose their money.

Payment methods

To redeem funds the account title should have the same title as bank account. You can make a Pepperstone withdrawal to a credit card. Money will be transferred on the next day. If you decide to have your funds after 21.00 GMT, you will have to wait another – there is no withdrawal fee. But your card provider can do this. You will have to reach them and find out how thing are done. In any case a client will be able to call manager and consult a specialist.


The broker usually informs clients about Pepperstone welcome bonus and promotion. At the moment any new client will be able to have cash rebates that are transferred to their accounts daily. The amount of the Pepperstone rebate depends on the activity. If you want to find out more about bonuses you can always check main page. Most of the rewards are aimed at newcomers but some programs will be interesting to professionals and older clients. There is no deposit bonus on Pepperstone. But you will earn Pepperstone qantas points which are converted into presents.

Customer support

Customer support work 24/5 – they speak almost all popular languages and can answer a client via e-mail, live chat or phone. You can consult managers in Russian, Arabic, Thai, Chinese and English. All contacts are situated on the main page or in Contacts section.

This broker has verified accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It is possible that customer support will be unavailable but such occasions occur very rare. If there are connection problems they will still answer a customer when they are ready. In any case keep trying to reach them – they will be with you shortly.


Pepperstone regulation is very strict. UK based FCA is a Tier 1 regulator which has its own site. The broker is able to provide financial products and its activity is legislated. The second regulator is ASIC – an Australian company.

Pros and Cons

The main reasons why Paperstone is popular is its safety and responsive customer service. Clients also like social and copy trading opportunities. Pepperstone instruments and spreads, intuitive interface are other cons of this platform. This organization has good reputation.

But there are no propriety Trading Platform and some research variants are to be fixed. But in general this broker is trustworthy. Experience Pepperstone maximum leverage and liquidity!


Pepperstone forex review is about to end. This is a reliable company that provides many opportunities and instruments to start a career of a successful trader. There is no unique platform but Meta Trader and cTrader have all you requier for making orders. Many possibilities, rewards and various assets make this company a fine alternative. You will enjoy tight live Pepperstone spreads and other advantages. Your opportunities are not limited.


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